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Judy Brown 2016


Naja Featured Artist Interview:

Judy Brown

Naja Art Gallery 2016


What got you into working with metal?

When I retired I wanted to explore the creative side of the brain. I had a long career using my analytical abilities as a systems analyst, auditor, project manager, and consultant after retirement. I enrolled in ceramic classes at the local community college, only to realize there was no connection with eye hand coordination on the wheel.  I saw the jewelry studio and decided to give it a try. I was hooked immediately.

How long have you been making?

I have been exploring jewelry techniques since the Fall of 2006. 

What techniques or process do you prefer? Why?

Early into my training I was intrigued with any method using texture. That love translated to cuttlebone casting, etching, fusing, and lost wax casting. I began to notice the beauty within everything of nature that impeccably portrayed texture. It was a whole new perspective of how I viewed my environment, from the ripples in the sand to the sculpture in a piece of driftwood and the veins in a leaf. 

How would you describe your style/makings?

Textural! Eclectic! Every piece I have created is an evolution and exploration of some technique that allows tactile sensibility along with visual semblance of nature through literal or figurative interpretations. 

Do you have a new skill or technique you would like to learn/implement?

I love learning, and believe there is an endless reservoir of expanding technique through imagination.  Exploration is the force that drives me to the risk of lacking focus.  I can be so invested in the evolution of a process such as cuttlebone casting until exposure to a new technique or process captivates my sense of exploration.  I’m motivated by exploration, experimentation and evolving them to the intersection of something new (to me) or embellishing a skill already learned.   When I learn a technique such as cuttlebone casting, I’m driven to attempt the “next level” of the process. 

What is your favorite or most used tool?

Carving tools. They allow exploration with cuttlebone, wax, wood, leather, or stone. (Metal too, but that’s an entirely different skill set that requires an obsession for more toys not in my budget)

What is your current/next project?

I want to expand on the use of wood in my next project.

If there is any part of your craft that you could share with others, what would it be?

All of it. I believe in sharing everything I have learned. It amazes me how different one technique can look among fellow artists learning at the same time. Imagination is what keeps it fresh, inspiring and motivational. 

Who or what has inspired your work?

Every artist out there inspires my work.  Their unique perspective in manipulating materials leaves me awestruck and motivates me to push myself further than what I have already achieved. I’m inspired by the jeweler that finishes their work with perfection. That’s my goal, to take the time to evolve my explorations to a better quality of the finished piece.